Name: Jen

Date: 06/17/2011

Comment: Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures... we are so happy you came out to the house. Your booklets are wonderful, I am glad we have them, I had no idea you would put them together in personalized albums! I might need some of your advice on which pics to choose for enlargements, xmas cards, etc as there are so many I love :)

Last but not least, thank you for the generous gift of the 8x10's....(i was in such a rush this morning, I did not notice it in the invoice). It means a lot to me as you selected them.

By the way, we have already "gushed" on about your work to a few friends/family... I bet your clientele grows simply by your great reputation and word of mouth!

Name: Julie

Date: 07/31/2013

Comment: I overslept this morning and when I woke up, still in bed, I looked at them on my phone the first time without GLASSES, and they looked great! Now, with coffee in hand, I just looked at them with my iPad AND glasses and they look like something from a bride magazine. No kidding you are so talented. They are terrific.

I am blown away by your talent! Wow. Thank you thank you. They will have such beautiful pictures that they can fondly look back on 50 years from now!

I am so glad we did this. I can't imagine how we could have done it during the actual wedding. This is perfect. I think we have opened a whole new industry for you !! Photos AFTER the wedding! And look at the weather this morning. Boy were we lucky to have done them yesterday. I know Sarah will flip and probably cry when she sees these. Thank you very much. Big fat hug to you. The bill!

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